About Us

Our Company Profile

Bliss Kleaning Services Ltd [BKS] is a cleaning services provider currently located in Kampala, Uganda. The company is locally owned and registered under the companies act in Uganda, offering professional cleaning solutions for its’ domestic, commercial and industrial clients. We are here to ensure your premises are clean to the detail, well restored and maintained in keeping up to international hygiene standards. Our team of expert cleaners are with you in every way in ensuring your premises are crisp clean and sparkling for your comfort and pleasure.


We are guided by the principle of confidence and relationship building with our clients. We are cognizant in today’s demanding and fast-paced world. Our clients count on us for efficient and professional cleaning solutions for their businesses and homes.Our management has invested in staff development to ensure that we undertake assignments skillfully. Our strength as a growing company suite the ability to personalize our services, agility to respond to customer needs and the flexibility to adapt to industry innovations and market demands.


To be a premier cleaning company in Uganda offering in-built cleaning solutions to meet customer expectations, uphold industry benchmarks as well as ensure quality assurance of our cleaning services. 

Mission statement

We are customer-driven, always continuously exploring emerging trends and technologies in the industry to customize innovative and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to meet our client’s needs

Why choose Bliss Kleaning Services Ltd:

  • Customer service
    we are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction in our service delivery.
  • Safety
    we train our staff to ensure safety is observed in the course of service delivery to maintain a safe environment for our staff as well as our clients and minimize the risk of any injuries.
  • Quality
    we are consciously improving our services through a proactive feedback system.
  • Teamwork
    Our team of dynamic employees is solution oriented to serve our clients better.
  • Improvement and Innovative
    we are continuously reinventing ourselves to adapt to new technologies to improve our services as well as benchmark Bliss Kleaning Services Ltd as a leader in the cleaning sector.


  • To uphold standardized operating procedures (SOP) that complies with industry benchmarks to ensure quality control and assurance.
  • To expand/diversify our business service portfolio to tap into market gaps and expand our customer reach.
  • To promote the use of eco-friendly products as part of our contribution to the environmental conversation.